3 Easy-to-Use Misting Products

Fan Conversion Kit

Perfect for poolside chairs and small patios

Turn any standard fan into a misting fan with the Fan Conversion Misting Kit. This outdoor misting system is easy to set up, and it works with any garden hose to deliver cooling mist while you relax on the patio or work in the garden.

Portable Misting System

Perfect for outdoor dining, patios, and greenhouses

This portable outdoor misting cooling system is a versatile solution to cool your outdoor spaces. It works with any garden hose and quickly attaches to every kind of outdoor structure including greenhouses, umbrellas, pergolas, deck rails, swing sets and awnings.


Perfect for patios, pool chairs, and backyard spaces

The FlexiMist outdoor cooling misting system works with any garden hose to keep you cool while you grill outdoors, relax on the patio, or play games in the backyard. The flexible design lets you aim the cooling mist anywhere you need it, and with daisy chain capability, you can connect several misters together to cool a larger space.

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Simple Setup. Quick Cooling.

Project Source® Outdoor Misting Systems offer simple solutions to beat the summer heat. All our outdoor misting cooling systems work with standard garden hoses, require no electricity and minimal assembly and set-up; so you can enjoy your favorite outdoor spaces and activities all summer long.

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